Case Studies

Market sizing for technology deployment to address CBRNE threats

The terrorist threat remains a key concern of governments across the world. For the military, the IED remains an Achilles heel, and transport networks battle to keep their concourses explosive free. Biological, radiological and nuclear threats are the stuff of nightmares – tracking and tracing evidence of threatening substances is both complex technically and challenging operationally – being 100% risk free is not possible without bringing the world to a standstill.

This environment creates opportunity. Governments know their weak points, and considerable research funding is available to support technology development. But in the end, technology must find its niche in the market. BWCS has worked with both government organisations and technology providers to understand those factors which will bridge the gap between early research funding and market potential – often over-estimated – and the true measures of take-up, the impact of regulations, and the budgets of those actively willing and able to employ the finished product.

BWCS sized the addressable market for a broad range of potential future technology deployments – bulk and trace detection systems, stand-off technology, mmWave, laser-based systems, x-ray, integrated offerings, video analytics and data fusion - and enabled the correct investment decisions for maximising future product revenues.

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