Case Studies

Energy from Waste market entry strategy

Most companies have taken the obvious steps to minimise energy consumption and improve their carbon profile. As Carbon Reduction Commitments kick in, and landfill taxes rise, there are even more incentives for organisations to investigate innovative solutions to improve their position and convince their customers they take their Corporate Social Responsibility seriously. Generating power locally has long been an option through CHP (Combined Heat & Power) – but it has always relied on fuel which has to be bought in – usually gas, but sometimes biofuel. How about using a fuel you already have – your black bag non-recyclable waste - and saving on your landfill payments at the same time? It has to be a win-win.

QinetiQ has developed a small scale Energy from Waste engine which processes 2,000 tonnes of waste per year. The technology was first developed to reduce waste volumes on naval vessels so that the need to offload waste did not impede military operations. Reliability of technology is key in this market, and QinetiQ’s unique engineering expertise and success with an operational solution are its strengths.

BWCS worked with QinetiQ to develop an understanding of how its small scale EfW offering might be taken up outside the defence sector. Looking at remote communities, the health sector, retail and FM players, we built a comprehensive view of customer requirements and supported the client’s critical design review of its commercial offering. We sized the relevant markets and developed a strategy canvas for the team going forward.

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