Case Studies

Market sizing future demand for telecommunications in the GB rail industry

BWCS conducted a comprehensive review of current and future demand for telecommunications bandwidth on the railways of England, Scotland and Wales. Communications needs were assessed on trains, in stations, in offices, in depots and at the trackside. Through a programme of in-depth interviews with industry experts, we assessed demand for all types of applications, current and future.

The result was the most complete view ever produced of how the rail industry uses, and is dependent on telecommunications. IT applications and access to telecommunications bandwidth are now at the core of the industry’s targets and aspirations, for rail safety, improving rail capability and for passenger comfort. We developed a detailed financial model which shows the trade off between different levels of investment, opex and capex – and how these will impact the industry’s ability to meet its overall agenda.

The results of our study are publically available and have provided critical input to the Department for Transport’s UK Rail Strategy.

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