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Change management

Everyone knows that companies have to change. Everyone knows that most companies hate change. No one is surprised that most change programmes fail to deliver the fancy headline figures that they first promised.

At BWCS we get involved in your difficult problems. We design change programmes to address root causes, and get results by getting inside your organisation and working alongside your people. We immerse ourselves in your teams to make sure that the work is real and the changes are relevant. We roll up our sleeves and do the things you don’t need to do. We’ll stretch your team’s thinking, set hard targets and push and push and push to meet them.

We have a well used framework for change. We use Kotter’s 8 step method as a base, and start with the fundamental problems in your business. We help you validate and communicate your strategic vision, and then develop real programmes to deliver meaningful, measurable change to the business. Our WorkOut! programmes ensure that the work you have done is communicated and the issues in the business are captured and addressed to keep the programme real.

We won’t promise your company will learn to like change, and we don’t claim it will be easy, but we do promise that with our help, your change will deliver.

What our clients say ...

"many thanks for all your effort, support, professionalism and love that you have kindly showed us over the past year. You guys have helped us straighten things out here and we are all really grateful, we have a great platform to build on for 2011."

"For me personally it has not been just what you’ve done which was immense in itself it was more how you did it. I can honestly say that you are the most professional Team of Consultants that I have ever worked with, you all listened, advised and challenged in the right areas."

"I just want to say thank you to you both for your outstanding support over the last year. You have a unique way of delivering consultancy which blends very well with the way we do business. You have recognised the gaps in our organisation and worked hard to help us fill them we would not have made the progress we have over the last years without your dedication."

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