What We Do

Market and Opportunity Definition

  • customer value proposition and requirements capture
  • competitor analysis
  • market sizing and forecasting
  • lead generation and quantification
  • partner and channel strategy

Whether you are looking at moving into an adjacent market, or you’ve led your market for years but suddenly your share is slipping – it’s good to get an independent view.

BWCS is expert in understanding the dynamics of technology markets. As an independent, we can talk to customers and regulators and get their unguarded views of your offerings, and those of your competitors. We can develop a view of changing requirements, and provide data to help you plot trends and new influences. We can size the market for your offering, work out whether your problem is a market problem, or just your own. We can take a one-off customer satisfaction measurement for you, or establish an ongoing programme. Using an independent to ask ‘the obvious’ questions means you can do so without losing face. There’s also no risk of our compromising your negotiating position – in fact, we’ll just strengthen it – because next time you go to see your customer, you’ll have all the hot buttons.

We can help you carve out your own niche and develop your strategy canvas so that your offering is better differentiated in its sector. And while we are collecting all this data for you and helping you work out what to do next, bet your bottom dollar we’ll pick out some new hot leads, which we’ll pass on to you, first qualification stage already completed.

We apply a formal, tried and tested methodology to our market analyses. Our rigour means you can rely on the information we generate. We conduct high level interviews with key players in your target sector so that our information is fresh from the horse’s mouth. You will find it hard to challenge our outputs. But easy to see the way forward.

Download the BWCS white paper RFID in UK Retail:

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