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Business and Marketing Strategy

  • proposition development
  • portfolio analysis and road mapping
  • customer satisfaction
  • change management and internal communications
  • process transformation

Challenging market environments put new stresses on all business. We know change is a constant, but sometimes it can turn into a tumbling freefall where every new piece of data seems to threaten established frameworks. It’s easy then to hesitate and delay, rather than urging operations forwards.

Getting the business lined up behind your core strategy with coherent terminology and goals is essential. Understanding where to prioritise your product offerings and which facets are game changing has to be a priority; when R&D is tight, you need to know where to spend your limited budget, making savings by harmonising across your portfolio and eliminating repetitive activity within the company – these are areas where competitive advantage can be created.

Defining and developing your portfolio is a key step. It can be hard for an insider. For many, long term commitment to planned developments may blur judgements. Rivalry between internal groups may need an independent steer with nothing to gain other than the company’s success. And it’s generally not just a question of which is the right technology, or the right developmental path, it’s all about understanding what your customers value.

Once the difficult decisions are behind you, you need to communicate your new frameworks to your people so that everyone is speaking the same language, and they all feel part of the new way forward. The framework is a framework, no more, filling in the gaps is something everyone needs to be involved in. Our WorkOut! workshops are designed to help you do just that – get everyone’s view and work with them. As a result, you may need to transform your processes. Our tried and trusted methodologies will ensure you take the most effective path.

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