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Advances in technology and applications have brought about the age of convergence – surf the web from your smartphone, get video on demand to your home delivered over the Internet, or access multiple applications at work via cloud computing.

This brings unique challenges to network operators. Cellular companies are seeing data volumes soar on their networks, but profits are often not rising. Fixed line players need to see the business case for large scale fibre deployments to the home.

Network operators of all types need to be smarter –in marketing, in understanding what really drives their costs, and in introducing processes that deliver better customer satisfaction and increased profitability.

We’ve helped scores of network operators globally, from the world’s most sophisticated markets to those in the developing world. Our experts have hands-on experience in marketing, customer care, financial analysis, process design and IT project management, We provide solid down-to-earth advice on how you can get more out of your business today, and we give you the tools and teams to get more from it tomorrow.

For technology vendors there are also challenges. With the prices of the ‘boxes’ on telecoms networks constantly falling, the promised land offers profits from professional services and software upgrades. But it’s not an easy road – competitors (who often arrive from unexpected directions), channel partners and indeed the customers themselves may have other plans.

We’ve worked with technology and software vendors of all types to help them understand their customers, channels and competitors better. If you need to know who would be your best partner in India, the going rate for installing a softswitch in Nigera, why your customers in Europe don’t want you to project manage their roll out, or you need help creating a global service strategy to boost your business, chances are we can help


Telecommunications regulators have the responsibility to referee the ever-changing game of competition in their respective markets. They aim to balance the interests of consumers with both large and small players in the market. One of the tools at their disposal is to regulate prices in certain defined markets.

We build cost models that help regulators understand underlying costs in the markets they regulate. These may range from so-called ‘pure’ Long Run Incremental Cost (LRIC) models as specified by the European Commission, to simpler ‘margin squeeze’ models, which show whether a telecom operator could hope to make a reasonable return if the wholesale prices they pay are set at a certain level.

Our philosophy in this area is based on two principles. The first: we understand the technology we are modelling. Our engineering consultants can build networks, not just model them. The second: clarity in modelling. We believe it's important that our clients and all industry stakeholders should be able to understand clearly what our models are trying to achieve, and how they achieve it. Our calculation flows are clear, and our documentation is comprehensive.

We have acted as advisors to regulators and telecoms operators in Europe, the Middle East and Asia. Our expertise covers cellular, fixed wireless and fixed networks, including fibre access networks and next generation IP switching.

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