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Energy and Waste

Everyone’s keeping tabs on their carbon footprint now – and Carbon Reduction Commitments mean big business is having to take big steps to improve their performance. For many, it’s integral to their strategy – something their customers expect. Green is no longer an option, it’s a hygiene factor.

This sense of urgency creates market opportunity for innovative and exciting technologies and financial schemes – but only for those with the right offering at the right price and the right time. CHP and Energy from Waste all play into the right space – but will real efficiency gains live up to expectations, and does a centralised approach for waste disposal genuinely save money?

We help technology providers in this sector understand market demands, how to frame their offerings, what customers would like, and what they are absolutely not prepared to compromise on. We can help you learn from others’ mistakes. While there is opportunity, there are also hurdles to climb – you may have all the incentives worked out – but what efficiency levels are they based on, and what will happen to your offering if incentives suddenly cease to exist? The scrap heap in this sector is already piled high with smart technology that doesn’t make business sense – it’s all too easy to end up there. How do you raise your offering and your credibility above the scores of others all hoping to make it – getting the right partner to prove your offering is a key element of success. BWCS will work with you to develop your market entry strategy, and maximise your chances.

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