Case Studies

Bid review process

Our customer had a great process for figuring out if they should bid for a contract. The problem is, the answer was always ‘Yes’ and the result was often either a loss, or, perhaps worse, winning a contract that turned into a money pit. Limited bid resources were being spread too thinly to come to the right decision.

We helped them to understand that the process has to be driven from the desired outcome – ‘can we make a profit from this business?’ We built on existing processes to evolve a new process which was recognizable to the users but delivered the right results. We brought in to the decision making process the people who needed to be there, and allowed them to ask the right questions at the right time. We moved the decisions as early in the process as possible, so that a ‘No Go’ decision could be made before significant investment was made, and ensuring that the limited resources were applied to those bids that had a chance of bringing in a signed contract that could be delivered profitably.

BWCS worked within the current environment to make changes that worked for the individual needs of this client organisation. By getting involved and understanding the drivers of the business, both internal and external, we were able to develop a new way of working that was not change for change sake.

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